What clients say

What clients say

‘What made your coaching so special for me was that you opened doors into my soul and mind that I didn’t know existed and you made me curious about myself on a level that was actually new to me. My self discovery with you was really profound and genuine and not many people have the skills and ability to access that area in me. Some of the sessions really left me with an aura that stood by me many days after. It was powerful, challenging and genuine and I would love to be coached by you again.’
Antonio, Copenhagen

‘For Rona, coaching is a vocation, and you can tell! I believe some people like Rona are just made for this. She is really willing to bring you towards YOUR best self. Each session, I am surprised by the power of her coaching, her intuition and her integrity. Rona is an ambitious woman: she took her coaching a notch higher with a certification program. She now masters the complete toolkit of a fully fledged professional coach. I strongly recommend her!’
Julie, London

‘Rona is a warm and talented coach with a wonderfully sunny disposition (meaning you always feel at ease with her) and incredible powers of perception (meaning you always feel understood). Throughout the course of our sessions, I felt Rona really ‘got me’ (in itself a wonderful gift) and I often marveled at her memory of our previous conversations (‘eagle-eared’ you might say!). Our sessions were often great fun, but never failed to lead to some valuable new insight. Rona is a joy to be coached by and personally lead me to new insights which have been nothing short of life-changing. I highly recommend her.’
Victoria Coyevinas, Fulham, Copywriter

‘Rona is an excellent coach, working with Rona was incredibly powerful for me and I feel I changed my perspective and mindset as a result of working with her. She creates a very safe, loving and trusting environment which enables you to be your true self. Rona is a wonderful listener and a very natural coach. I value the way she is able to take the natural flow of the session in whichever direction I needed it to go, she really held the space for me. I value so much the way she challenged and pushed me to take risks and push me out of my comfort zone.’
Laura, 26, London, Co-ordinator with Connectwell

‘I had a series of five coaching sessions with Rona which had a profound impact on my productivity and management skills. Through engaging and skilful exercises, Rona managed to nudge me to think of ways to improve my efficiency, focus on the goals that matter, seek help and deal with colleagues. It gave me a lot to think about but the result has been very pleasant, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to grow in their career or achieve a specific set of goals.’
Clinical Academic, London

‘Challenge, creativity, intuition, breakthrough – that’s the core of Rona’s coaching. I have made a huge progress thanks to her demanding yet subtle and skilful coaching. Rona has what one would look for in a coach: professionalism, drive, sparkling creativity and true connection to your way, your process and your goals. It’s amazing how she has helped me shift my perspectives, but also tune into my own intuition and truly believe in myself.’
Maike Stolte, Inbody Coaching & Bodywork

‘I really enjoyed the whole experience and found it very positive and uplifting. I would most definitely do it again. I would also earnestly recommend to others. I can’t believe how much I got out of it having had only a very few sessions.’
Lesley, Chartered Accountant

‘I decided to talk to a career coach because I had rather lost my way in knowing what I wanted to do after spending thirteen years at home looking after four children.  I thought that the career coach would help me find a job.  It became clear very shortly after starting the coaching that I needed to sort out some other emotional issues before I could address the question of another career.  Although the coaching took me in an unexpected direction, as a result of the coaching I feel I know myself much better, I am happier with myself and feel far more empowered to take ownership of my feelings and decisions.  I am in a much better position to decide what I want to do next and make that work.’
Kate, Surrey

‘When I first met Rona, I was instantly drawn to her enthusiasm and energy. When I started seeing her I felt unfulfilled about my life and was unclear as to where to go from there. She lovingly created a wonderful space for me where I could safely explore what was important to me. She also challenged me to face parts of me I had been avoiding to look at for a long time and did it in such a loving way that facing my biggest fear did not seem that scary after all.’
Zsaklin, Life Coach 

‘Rona is an amazing coach. She spoke into my life at a time when I needed it. She gave me time to reflect on my processes and to understand better how to protect my boundaries.  Her questions were insightful and healing.’
RM, London

‘I would recommend Rona to anyone who is in a sad place- her sessions have been empowering. I have learnt a lot about myself. When I came to coaching, I felt stuck, anxious, in despair and tried to find a way out but couldn’t. I now feel internally confident and peaceful. I depend less on other people’s perceptions of me: I am more able to be myself and take care of my own needs in my relationships. I beat myself up less and know my own strengths. I feel increasingly relaxed in social situations and can now look to the future with optimism and calmness. Rona has been an effective coach in that she has challenged some of my assumptions and underlying beliefs which has helped me, but from a kind and safe place. Her work has helped me hugely- the changes that I have described weren’t an overnight process. It took a lot of work and sometimes it was hard to open up but I’m so glad I did. Thank you Rona!’
Emily, 23, London, Translator 

‘Coaching with Rona has been incredibly impactful for my development and helping me focus on the things I REALLY want to do and how I want to go about doing them. Her capacity to stay with difficult issues, keep me on track and call it when I am wimping out or avoiding something is done in a compassionate and light way. She is hugely creative and fun as a coach and even though our coaching is now completed I refer back to my notes and commitments that I made during our sessions regularly. Thank you Rona, out loud but never in my face!
Gillian Dore, Senior HR Manager, Leadership Development, IT 

‘Being introduced to Rona in the autumn of 2010 was one of the best things that happened to me enabling me not only to develop myself but also transform my business to new levels.  She has a wonderful way of being able to pull me out of the depths of detail and help me see the big picture and vice versa which has helped me to view my business in a whole different light.  Over the period we have worked together, Rona has kept me on my toes.  She doesn’t avoid the challenging conversations and helps me to come to terms with areas that may be sticking points by using various tools and techniques.  I can honestly say that after every conversation, I have put the phone down feeling raring to go!  Thank you Rona …. I feel you’re part of the business!’
Jane Hirst, Developing Your Potential

‘Through her Out Loud coaching, Rona helped me find within myself the speech I wanted to write – and then empowered me to speak it with the conviction and passion underlying the text. By challenging me to dig deeper and see past my preconceptions, she bolstered my confidence to deliver my message, in my way.’
Baillie Aaron, co-founder and executive director of Spark Inside

‘Rona has a very versatile style as a coach that can cater for several types of problems and hurdles. She helps me understand not only my personal and social side but also my entrepreneurial and leadership side. She’s trained me to always look for answers inside myself and connect with my wisest self in order to find the optimal way of thinking/analysis that leads to the best results. I’ve seen a massive change not only in the way I do things but also in the way I think about my goals, desires and targets. She’s very approachable, easy to work with and puts a lot of energy in to penetrating the mind and working subliminally on problems and blocks but almost seamlessly and without making me feel vulnerable or under any type of scrutiny. I’ve come to not holding back or filtering information with her. She’s very objective and her aim is always to help me reach my goal.

Being coached by Rona is a fun journey; even when I visit her while I’m feeling low, the outcome and journey of self- discovery, problem solving and empowerment is very rejuvenating. I always finish the session feeling better, more knowledgeable and more in touch with my inner wisdom. Her coaching has had a very obvious impact on me and my life on a daily basis. It’s allowed me to connect with my real self and bring the best out of me and strengthened my self confidence and trust in my capabilities. Things that used to scare me are now much easier to deal with and overcome and things that I like have now become my strong points. Through coaching with Rona, I’ve overcome many barriers such as self doubt, fear, anxiety and vulnerability. Most importantly Rona didn’t help me by making me dependent on her but rather she taught me how to find answers by stimulating certain neurological sides of my brain; her questions have always triggered my knowledge and led me to find my own answers.’
Mireille, London.