Public Speaking

Being Inspiring

One of the things I always yearned to do was to speak OUT LOUD to audiences. Whenever there was an opportunity in my life to talk to a group of people – school, parties, groups, really any kind of gathering – I have either wanted to volunteer and bottled it or have volunteered and then veered between nerves and elation.

So a few years ago I participated in an all day workshop on the fundamentals of public speaking with Sarah Lloyd Hughes of Ginger Public Speaking and was so thrilled with the experience that I then participated in her amazing six month Inspiring Speakers Programme.

Not only do I relish talking to all kinds of groups and leading public speaking workshops myself , I am now also a Senior Trainer on the Ginger training team

This has all definitely made me more courageous – Note to self and all you yearners out there, the more we do of the things we yearn for, the more impact this has on your courage and life generally. 

I would love the opportunity to speak OUT LOUD to your group, gathering or event or lead a public speaking workshop for your organisation.

**I now also offer Public Speaking coaching to a select group of clients.**

If you would like to explore further please contact me at and we can start the conversation.

‘Rona is a playful speaker who is very open about herself. She tugs on your heartstrings in a way that gently leads you to deep understanding of some fundamental truths. Charming, engaging, entertaining and very touching. What a talented and inspiring speaker.’
Patrick Esson, Director Aransa Ltd 

‘Through her Out Loud coaching, Rona helped me find within myself the speech I wanted to write – and then empowered me to speak it with the conviction and passion underlying the text. By challenging me to dig deeper and see past my preconceptions, she bolstered my confidence to deliver my message, in my way.’
Baillie Aaron, co-founder and executive director of Spark Inside.
See Baillie’s remarkable TEDx talk here;