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  • The Simple Pleasures In Life

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    Hello Outlouders, Welcome to The Simple Pleasures In Life, a new series of blogs for 2016. Over the coming year I plan to share with you the little things, the simple things that bring me not only pleasure but also comfort when life feels challenging. Sometimes as we rush around doing and achieving we can forget […]

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    Have you ever felt something is so momentous, so important, so close to your heart that when it comes to putting in to words how you feel, well those words just don’t come easy? It happens to me sometimes and it’s happening to me right now – BIG TIME! So maybe the best thing to […]

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  • Comparisons Are Odious. Discuss.

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    This is such an embarrassing, confessioney type of blog that I’m really hesitating to post it. But hey OUT LOUDERS when have I ever let that stop me? So here goes; I’m sitting at my dressing table attempting to create some sort of funky order/disorder to my hair. The window’s wide open as it’s a […]

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  • How To Get Old The OUT LOUD Way

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    They say you know you’re getting old when policemen start looking really young. How about this? It’s a very hot and humid day on the High Street and me and the sis are in a bank filling in the kind of forms that nosily ask your age and other matters like how long you’ve lived […]

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  • How To Banish The Overwhelm Nightmare

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    I’m planning a big project, one that perfectly fits with my core values and is aligned with what I want to do in the world. It’s the night before we take the first crucial step and suddenly I feel overwhelmed. It’s warm and humid. I lie in bed tossing and turning as I contemplate all […]

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  • The Two Word Answer To Pretty Much Anything

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    I’m about to start my stretch class and the atmosphere is as usual soft and quiet. It’s peaceful and forgiving – I share that I sometimes feel tearful here and during my yoga class. Our lovely teacher says this is very common, that as we relax our muscles and let go we are able to release […]

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