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  • Voices and Quiet.

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    It’s been a while since I communicated with you but I have felt your presence very close. Since my father passed away in April, I have felt the need to stay IN QUIET and the idea of writing at all seemed somehow elusive. That is curious since I know for many people, writing is deeply […]

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  • Simple Pleasures: Being With My Sis

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    There’s a soft, cool breeze blowing through my study window. So different from last weekend when me and my sis spend at least five hours on the road to and from Brighton; the motorways are heavy with traffic and the sun hot. Although the scenery’s fresh and green, it feels unbearably warm in the car and […]

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  • Simple Pleasures No 15: The Red Box On The Counter Top.

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    It’s a few weeks since my beloved father passed and we are in the middle of Passover and eating a lot of matzos. As I contemplate my breakfast this morning, I think about the significance of these ritual foods in our lives. How important they are. How meaningful. How comforting. The predictability and certainty of […]

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  • Simple Pleasures Number 14: Packing A Suitcase

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    As the grandaughter of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, many pieces of wisdom about how to survive – and thrive – in a sometimes hostile world were imparted to me as I grew up. Some of this wisdom blended in to the background like the Yiddish that my parents sometimes spoke to each other when […]

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  • Simple Pleasures Number 13: Custard Doughnuts etc

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    There’s a festive atmosphere in the kitchen. Micky’s been to the bakers on Notting Hill Gate and brought back bagels and doughnuts. ‘What kind of doughnut, Micky? Is it custard?’ I ask hopefully. ‘No. Jam,’ he replies, perhaps a little guiltily. ‘They didn’t have any custard.’ Hmm. Disappointing. But a doughnut nevertheless. I peer in […]

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  • Simple Pleasures Number 12: Friendship

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    Something rather odd happened last week. Tell me what you think. I’m in Uniqlo, Kensington High Street branch trying on a couple of their soft, duvet jackets – you know the ones, they’re super light, warm and cosy and come in a range of really great colours. We’re going to Japan in a couple of […]

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